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  Assessing The Accused

It is amazing to observe so-called experts who offer opinions and theories that are clearly not supported by current research. A substantial body of professional literature now exists from which opinions may be rendered with "reasonable scientific certainty". The rights, privileges and freedoms of many falsely accused clients are routinely compromised when attorneys are not aware of the body of professional knowledge available to defend their innocent client.

With this in mind, an initial assessment of the accused must be made to determine the degree to which the client's background is supportive of an allegation of pedophilia. This may be conducted by the attorney or a consulting expert. This initial assessment should be performed with respect to the following factors: [1] History of family of origin psychopathology; [2] Longstanding history of emotional deprivation; [3] Intellectual impairment; [4] Childhood history of sexual abuse; [5] Longstanding history of very strong sexual urges; [6] Impulsivity; [7] Feelings of inadequacy and compensatory narcissism; [8] Coercive-Dominating behavior; [9] Passivity and impaired self-assertion; [10] History of substance abuse; [11] Poor judgment; [12] Impaired sexual interest in age-appropriate women; [13] Other sexual deviations; [14] Psychosis; [15] Immaturity and/or regression; [16] Collection of child pornography; [17] Contact with children through career choice; [18] Recent rejection and dysfunctional heterosexual relationships; [19] Unconvincing denial; [20] Use of rationalizations; [21] Resistance to taking a lie detector test; [22] Lack of cooperation in evaluation; [23] History of denial and psychopathic tendencies; and [24] Excessive moralistic attitudes.

Though it goes beyond the present scope, there are sixty questions that an attorney should ask in attempting to make a preliminary assessment of his or her client. Additionally, Edward Nichols has developed eighty-three questions that may be routinely asked of adverse experts to demonstrate the degree to which the falsely accused does not have a background consistent with the allegations. Similarly, Edward Nichols has developed over one-hundred questions that should be asked of witnesses who support the position that the falsely accused does not present with a background consistent with the allegations.

[For complete details, see False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: Attorney & Client Desk Reference, Section C: "Assessing The Accused"].