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Why should I have to hire a consulting firm, isn’t having a lawyer enough?

In every case where child sexual abuse is alleged the state has a department of social services and its special sex abuse units at their side.  These are social workers and other mental health professionals helping the prosecution every step of the way.

Now if there were a department of social services with a special false allegations unit to help your attorney every step of the way, would you think your attorney should take advantage of this help?
Of course you would, and you have also answered your question: Our consulting firm levels the playing field by giving both sides the benefit of expert consultation.  What is more, since Nichols Consulting is on the cutting-edge of the latest scientific breakthroughs in the area of child sexual abuse, we believe that we give you the advantage of being able to formulate and execute a case that cuts through the “junk science” which is most responsible for false convictions. Next Question