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This site provides help with false child sexual abuse charges, accusations of sexual abuse, molestation, and incest often seen in divorce litigation and criminal trials. It is designed to help those falsely accused and attorneys who are representing the falsely accused. Additionally, those falsely accused of child molestation can be assisted to find an effective criminal defense or family law attorney anywhere in America.

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By clicking on the videos below you can view our latest, and most popular videos. These videos explain how you can get the help you need, how these difficult cases are won, and how others, accused of false allegations of child sexual abuse, have been helped. New videos are also available on our Blog.

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This is an interactive site that contains a Blog. By visiting our Blog you will be able to read entries and make comments. These comments, in turn, will be read by others, and thus, a national dialog takes place. Our Blog also contains our latest videos and other free resources. The Blog is updated daily.

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Getting the Help You Need Video
Click the image above to learn how to get the help you need from Nichols Consulting. Edward Nichols explains how access our Quality Assurance Program to assist with all stages of defending false allegations.
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Sucess Stories Video
Click the image above to see how Nichols Consulting has helped clients from coast to coast. Three attorneys explain how Nichols Consulting assisted in their cases.
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Click the image above to see how Nichols Consulting can help you win your false abuse case. Nichols Consulting founder, Edward Nichols, MSW, LCSW-R, explains how we use the "team approach" to win your case.
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